Ready Set Know Pty Ltd

February 17, 2023


Legal Name: Ready Set Know Pty Ltd
ABN: 51165624378
ACN: 165624378
GST Status: Not currently registered for GST
ABN Status: Active
ACN Status: Registered

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Company Risks

Risk Type Risk Present?
Petition to wind up. No Liquidator Yes
In External Admin No
Previous External Admin No
Company is deregistered No
One or more directors with adverse No

Enquiries, Court Actions & Defaults

Risk Type Last 12 months > 12 months
Payment Defaults 5 1
Mercantile Enquiries 0 0
Writs / Summons 0 0
Petitions 0 0
Default Judgements 0 0


    Evenly Payment Risk Score
    ABN Status
    Age-related risk
    Equifax Risk Score
    GST status


Petition to wind up. No Liquidator

Do not trade with this business. This company is currently in serious financial trouble. If you have outstanding payments owed to you contact the company immediately to understand your options for being paid. Use ASIC's notices tool to stay in top of the insolvency process.

Previous External Admin

This company has been in serious financial trouble in the past. Take care in your dealings with them. You may also want to contact the company to understand the past issues.

Evenly Payment Risk Score

We aren't able to determine the Evenly Payment Risk Score for this entity at the moment.

If this entity is a customer of yours and you use Xero we can give you an instant Payment Risk Score for this entity through our tool - PayPredict

Otherwise, please return and check again in the near future.

Payment Defaults in past 12 months

This entity has a recent history of paying invoices extremely late or not at all. Late payment is a leading indicator of business stress so this is the time to be on high alert and take actions to protect your cash flow and business. Examples of these actions include not trading with this entity or changing payment terms if needed.

GST status

This business is not registered for GST. If they're a supplier, confirm they aren't charging you GST on their invoices.

Age-related risk

Be aware that this business's age is in the time period where a business is most likely to fail. That doesn't mean this business will fail - just that you should be more vigilant in your dealings at the moment.